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It’s 2019 and surveillance cameras have changed Pt. 1 March 10, 2019

It has been a few years since we wrote last, and much has changed in the world of surveillance and CCTV equipment. IP Security Cameras The major developments in the IP and Digital Surveillance Camera space have come in the form of better performance at a better price. Higher resolution cameras (8K, 4K, and 4MP) […]

Access Control: It’s not just cards and keypads April 5, 2017

Access Control: It’s not just cards and keypads Not too long ago Access Control meant having your keys, giving someone access meant giving them a copy of the key, and if the setup was truly sophisticated, then there were individual keys and a master key. As great and reliable as that system was, it left much […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Alarm Can Do March 8, 2017

7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Alarm System Can Do Home Automation Schedules Temporary Permissions Integrate Cameras Video Doorbell (With Messages) Get Notified When Important Items Leave Your Property (Geofencing) Easier To Use Modern day alarm systems have come a long way from when turning a key or entering a code was the total interaction between […]

When your camera system is more than a passive observer March 2, 2017

When your camera system is more than a passive observer Thanks to major breakthroughs in electronics and image processing a modern day camera system can be much more than a method to record events. Modern CCTV systems can take an active role in your security measures, supplementing live guards and even acting like security guards without […]

Looking for an affordable camera system…. November 14, 2016

Cheap camera systems and their installers are doing a disservice to the community If you are looking for a great deal on a camera system this holiday season, make sure you aren’t compromising value in the name of savings. Last week… a client walk-through in Brooklyn “I want something cheap, and I need it by […]

Strobes/Horns and the Hearing Impaired May 15, 2016

Strobes/Horns Alerting Someone Hard of Hearing If you or a loved one have difficulty hearing a typical alarm system may not be sufficient for your needs. After all a household alarm system is so much more than a Burglar Alarm. Of course it is supposed to alert you to a break in, but is also your […]

Two-way Voice, Line Crossing Detection, and other IP Camera Tricks April 22, 2016

IP Cameras: Features and Benefits What is an IP Camera, An IP camera stands out over it’s analog cousins in a number of ways. First and foremost, it isn’t simply a camera. An IP camera is a miniaturized computer with a camera attached. That means the image is processed, compressed and even analyzed before it […]

Lights and Shadows: Dealing with lighting conditions April 22, 2016

Backlighting, Silhouetting, and High Contrast Situations Remember the experiment we asked you to do with a cellphone camera? If your phone has a camera, experiment with it. If you like taking selfies, take one with a light right behind your head. Then try one with a source of light (table lamp, flashlight, etc.) between you and […]

Deciphering Megapixels: CCTV Resolution April 5, 2016

720p/1080p, 960h, Analog, Digital,  High Definition, IP, 1MP, 2 MegaPixel, AnalogHD… What does it all mean? In short, resolution is the resolving power on your camera. Meaning, how sharp will the image be when you play back the recordings (evidence), and how far can you zoom into an image before it becomes blurry. Bottom line, […]

What to know before buying a security camera system… March 30, 2016

More than you ever wanted to know about buying a security camera (CCTV) system…. Business as usual, After seeing a recent uptick in requests for CCTV systems and security cameras, I decided to go over the most common questions, issues and misconceptions I have encountered from EZ Switch’s customers. Those include Hotels, Hospitals, Home Owners’ […]

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