When your camera system is more than a passive observer

When your camera system is more than a passive observer

Thanks to major breakthroughs in electronics and image processing a modern day camera system can be much more than a method to record events. Modern CCTV systems can take an active role in your security measures, supplementing live guards and even acting like security guards without a live presence on the premises.

Consumer expectations of CCTV

The vast majority of Security Camera users have only three expectations of their camera system:

Passive Observer – record the events and store them in case evidence needs to be restored at a later date.

Passive Deterrent – the cameras act as a “scarecrow,” effectively sending a passive message of “your activity will be recorded – move along and do your evil some place else.”

Eye in the sky– those of our clients that can afford to staff a “guard booth,” have personnel monitoring the cameras 24/7 and dispatch response personnel as dictated by the situation.

Realities of modern surveillance camera systems

Thanks to intelligent processing modern camera systems can play an active role as part of a security solution.

Event detection

Modern CCTV systems are much more intelligent than their counterparts for just a few years ago. In addition to motion detection algorithms which have become ubiquitous, modern systems feature things like

  • Line crossing detection* – the system automatically sends and alert when someone crosses into or out of a specific area
  • Loitering detection* – the system sends an alert when someone spends more than a few minutes in a designated area
  • Object left behind detection*– the system automatically alerts designated personnel when someone leaves a package and then leaves the area
  • Crown gathering detection*– if a crowd gathers in a designated area the system automatically alerts personnel to respond
  • People counting* – a video surveillance system can be enhanced to count the number of people “entering” and “exiting” an area to make sure that no one is left lurking behind at the end of the day
  • Much, much more…

*Many of these can be added to existing camera systems without a complete system upgrade. Contact usto find out more.

Digital deterrent

One of the most underrated features of many modern camera systems is two-way voice. Cameras equipped with the two-way voice feature either include an integrated speaker or have an audio output that can be connected to a broadcast speaker.

There are two ways this can be useful when an undesired event is detected:

  • An operator can speak through the system and even carry on a two-way conversation with the subject, asking them to cease their activity and vacate the premises
  • An automaticpre-recorded message (e.g. “Please vacate the premises. Police have been alerted to your presence”) can play from the system when undesirable activity is detected in a protected area. It can even be set up with a schedule, so that normal activity won’t be disrupted.

Virtual guard tour

White and black security cctv camera to prevent crime

Clients that cannot afford full-time security guards can contact us to find out more about our Virtual Guard Tour service. For a price of less than five cups of coffee a day our trained personnel can make periodic “rounds” of your security camera system and alert you or the authorities if something out of the ordinary is happening.

VCA – Video Content Analysis

If all of the preventative measures have failed and a recording is required for evidence, VCAdispenses with the need to watch hours and hours of footage to find the relevant event. By highlighting areas of interest (e.g. parking spot, specific door, or even a dumpster) you can instruct the recorder to retrieve only the footage where something transpired in that specific area.

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