Temperature-sensing thermal cameras and software solutions available in the market today in the age of COVID.

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Using Thermal Cameras For COVID-19 Virus Symptoms – Fever Detection

Thermal Camera Early Fever Detection

Today companies are looking for the most cost effective and practical way to screen their employees and visitors for elevated temperatures,(typically above 100.4°F). Companies are using thermal cameras for fever detection as their employees return to work strategy as well as a way for someone in a compromised position to remain productive.

Thermal cameras: Fact Vs fiction?

Thermal Cameras brands

New buzz words like “COVID detection” or “fever detecting cameras” and software created a great deal of confusion in the marketplace. Until now, not many organizations have had a reason to explore a solution, and companies are making decisions based on claims with out supporting research for the proper scale of the solution’s deployment. That said, there are only a handful FDA-approved fever detecting thermal camera solutions available.

dominantly in the pharmaceutical and bio sector. It follows an FDA-approved thermal camera temperature solution that’s governed by “ISO13154“. This creates the standard for use and has brought about the guidelines. These installations have a relatively high cost and have extreme value in the right environments and applications. Ez Switch is able to support and partner with solutions that are FDA-approved when it’s a customer requirement.

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Companies looking to implement a cost-effective solution for commercial application have a wide range of options, but results can vary based on the type of environment, installation methodologies, and claims versus the actual performance of the sensor and software being utilized. Ez Switch can help set up the proper infrastructure with the right thermal cameras and software necessary for smooth and scalable temperature detection.

This will bring employees, visitors, and or contractors who feel the need to go to work since they know
they will be screened and set away to reconsider and stay away.

This proactively enhances company safety and responsibility by preventing sick workers from infecting
others and screening the people who may not know they have a fever.

This provides a starting place to develop a process for future screening and potential removal of those
showing symptoms and possibly sick.

There has been a considerable amount of testing and research regarding the application currently available. Ez Switch has been on the forefront of this technology, following currently the four solution providers that have been identified as having applicable solutions in the correct environment.

What technology is available ?


InVid Tech has developed a temperature measurement solution. This helps with early fever detection and is capable of reading up to 16 individuals temperatures simultaneously per second. This system can also be configured to notify you when people pass through with a temperature above the threshold set. Invid Tech has a complete system which includes a calibration device that is always running which is critical for accurate readings.


One of the leaders in the industry, Flir Thermal Cameras are capable of identifying within 0.5+/- ‎°F with their proprietary software. These cameras support ONVIF and could integrate into an overall security ecosystem over time in order to create a unified notification system pairing credentials with thermal scans.


Infrared Cameras Inc. has thermal infrared cameras that have FDA 510(k) clearance. These IR cameras can detect skin temperature with an ISO 13154 WITH 0.54‎°F accuracy. It can be used in non-invasive environments such as hospitals, sub-acute health settings, and public areas


This technology uses Flir cameras, and with their proprietary software it provides accuracy down to 0.54‎°F.  The software from Embedded Logix is robust in reporting, alerting, and integrating into other systems. It will future proof your investment for other use cases.

Not All Thermal Solutions Are Created Equal

We recommend any organization interested in implementing fever detection or thermal solutions to schedule a consultation. This will ensure that the solution you go with are the most effective in obtaining the results you’re looking for. Like with any new implementation due to change in society, misinformation circulates and can possibly leave people vulnerable to others trying to capitalize on the situation. Companies interested in getting credible information about thermal imaging cameras can setup a consultation with us. The demand for thermal imaging sensors is very high today, the distribution chain of these products are well over worked. It’s critical companies get the right counsel to realize the right solution available and determine the best application to fit the various environments and applications.