Asset Tracking

Never lose track of your valuables again. Use EZ Switch’s residential asset tracking service in NYC. We leverage GPS technology to monitor your valuable items and make sure that you always know where they are. You’ll also have access to an intuitive software that lets you see the location of your valuables on a map.

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Reliable Residential Asset Tracking Service in NYC

Asset Tracking for Your Home

Too often, even in their own homes, people lose many valuable items. Whether there is foul play involved or the items were just misplaced, it’s important to have a system to make sure that you keep track of all your valuables. Our residential asset tracking service offers that system.

Using GPS technology, we can track the location of your items wherever they are in the world. By attaching a discreet GPS tracking unit to your item, it will be able to send out signals letting us know where it is at all times. Through our intuitive program, you can also see where these items are using any device.

What Items to Track

Here are a few of the most common assets our clients track using our service:

  • • Mobile Phones
  • • Laptops
  • • Jewelry
  • • Valuable Paintings
  • • Vehicles
  • • Important Documents
  • • Other Valuables

Benefits of Residential Asset Tracking

There are several benefits to being able to monitor the location of valuable assets.

  • Added Protection – By using asset tracking, you’re essentially adding another layer of security to your valuables.
  • Cost-Saving – By tracking expensive items like mobile devices, you won’t have to replace them when they get lost.
  • Peace of Mind – With asset tracking, you can have peace of mind even if you’re away from home or even if you are moving your valuables to another location.

Why Choose EZ Switch

At EZ Switch, we are specialists at making homes smarter and improving your overall quality of life. Like our asset tracking system, our services are geared towards making everything in your home more streamlined and intuitive.

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