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Keep an eye on your home, record security breaches, and maintain the safety of your family with security cameras. Monitor what’s going on in and around your property from anywhere, at any time. EZ Switch installs CCTV cameras for houses in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and NYC. We also do repairs.

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Monitor Your Home 24/7 with Innovative Security Camera Systems

A security system is insufficient without cameras. Its inclusion plays a crucial role in detecting as well as recording suspicious or criminal activity.

Whether wired or wireless, a surveillance camera in your security system allows you to monitor entry and exit points or distant areas of your New York City or Long Island property.

Its presence may also discourage intruders and burglars since a recorded footage can be used to identify (by having a footage of their faces) and track criminals (by having a footage of their getaway vehicle). You can further use the recording as court evidence in the event of a home invasion.

When one or two cameras are down, you leave certain zones in your home blind. So it’s important to get your security camera systems repaired to keep your property monitored and safe. Our licensed company has the capabilities to install as well as fix systems.

But before you purchase a system, consider several factors:

What is the purpose of the system?

A Visual Deterrent?

Cameras were not designed to serve as a deterrent though a visible camera can do as much as a noticeable alarm sign. This can help make anyone who may have the wrong intention think twice. In this case conspicuous cameras serve you better than if they were hidden.

Deterrence not a purchasing factor?

There are a number of cameras that are aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional.

Our friendly staff can guide you through a range of options.

Remote Monitoring:

Most modern systems provide access to live feed and recordings even when you are away from home. On a mobile device like a smart phone, tablet, or  a computer, remote access is available for the majority of modern systems.

Every system we offer provides remote access.

Recording Evidence:

The ultimate purpose of a surveillance system is to collect evidence. Whether showing your neighbor kids misbehaving or handing the recordings to the police to help in an arrest, The true purpose of a camera system is the recordings.

Our expert technicians can help you select a system that will meet your needs.

Preserving Records:

Recordings are useless if an intruder makes off with them. The recording device (DVR or NVR) should be located someplace dry and safe.

If a suitable location is not available, our staff will guide you to a suitable location in your home or present you alternative options. A safe for the recorder or even off-site video management may be a better option.