7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Alarm System Can Do

Honeywell Total Connect Panel and iPhone

7 Things You Didn’t Know Your Alarm System Can Do

  • Home Automation
  • Schedules
  • Temporary Permissions
  • Integrate Cameras
  • Video Doorbell (With Messages)
  • Get Notified When Important Items Leave Your Property (Geofencing)
  • Easier To Use

iPad with TotalConnect Cameras

Modern day alarm systems have come a long way from when turning a key or entering a code was the total interaction between the user and the Alarm Panel.Even the key-fob remotes to arm and disarm the systems are becoming as archaic as cars than need a key to start.

Smart phones, apps, Z Wave and touchscreen keypads have transformed the humble alarm system into a life changing experience.

iPad displaying thermostat control

Home Automation

Modern alarm systems can interface with a variety of Z Wave and other automation devices. You can use the same app to arm and disarm the alarm system, control the lights, program your thermostats and even lock and unlock doors. Contact us to find out more…

When you are leaving for the day, your lights can go off, the garage door can close and the thermostat can adjust itself to a more economical setting. You can also unlock the front door for the dog walker at the same time every week, have the lights turn up as the sun goes down and always enter a comfortable, well-lit home.

The possibilities are endless. Contact us to find out more…


Instead of having to remember to arm and disarm the alarm, modern systems can be programmed to arm and disarm themselves on a pre-set schedule. No more forgetting to set the system. Don’t worry, you can still override the schedule if you know the pin code. Contact us to find out more…

iPhone with august lock control

Temporary Permissions

When you have friends or family visiting, instead of leaving the system disarmed, you can give them their own code that will only be valid for a few days or hours. After a pre-set number of days or even hours, the code won’t work. You can even use it to give temporary access to a neighbor, a plumber or a cable TV installer, without taking the time off from work. Contact us to find out more…

iPad showing TotalConnect camera video feeds

Integrate Cameras

Modern alarms can integrate cameras and even video verification into their functionality. That means that not you no longer need separate apps to check if the alarm system is armed, and see what your loved ones are up to, you can swipe from one screen to another. Video verification also allows the monitoring company to verify that the triggered alarm is legitimate (isn’t a false alarm) and report a “fire” or “burglary in progress” to the first responders. Contact us to find out more…

SkyBell doorbell view from an iPhone

Video Doorbell With Messages

See who is at your door from anywhere in the world. As long as your phone is within your reach, there is no reason for anyone to know that your home is empty.

Let the caretaker into the house to take care of your aging parents.

Know what time the cleaning company arrived.

Tell the delivery guy to leave the package in the garage (open it for them, keep an eye on them with the cameras, and even make sure the garage is closed when they leave).

SkyBell recorded messages on iPhone

Even have your neighbor leave you a message and check it remotely. Contact us to find out more…

Map and smartphone to illustrate Geofencing

Geofencing (Get Notified When Important Items Leave Your Property)

Whether it is a collectible car, a high end stereo system, a laptop, or an expensive lawn mower, most of us have something precious that we wouldn’t want to leave the house without our knowing. With geofencing technology you will be notified whenever those precious item leave a designated area. You will also be able to track where the item is, assisting recovery and minimizing false alarms. Contact us to find out more…

Woman using iPad to control security system

Easier To Use

Gone are the days of having to access obscure menu options using “*” commands and “function keys” to get your alarm system to do anything more than arm and disarm. 7″ Touchscreen Alarm Panels allow you to arm/disarm, change the thermostat settings, control lights and even your A/V system using intuitive touchscreen menus. Even better, all of these settings can be accessed from your smartphone or tablet. Contact us to find out more…

Still prefer using a keypad, wireless, desk-top keypads are stylish, and can be placed on your office desk, or your nightstand.

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