Building Intercom Systems

There are many CCTV/Security Camera systems on the market today. Whether you buy one from us, or just want one installed, we would be glad to help.

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Residents of Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens apartments would all agree how their Intercom systems are indispensable. It’s not just a way to manage visitors, it enables them to identify package thieves, weed out door-to-door advertisers, and other unwanted guests.

Some municipalities, like New York City, even require them by law.

We work hand and hand with Home Owner Associations, Property Owners, and Property Managers helping them identify the best solution to setup for the situation.

Video intercoms, audio only systems, internet based systems, or dialer intercoms, we have your solution.

Repair and Maintenance

At EZ Switch, we’re just as efficient keeping your pre-existing system up and running as we are installing a new one. Our refurbishing facilities allow us to repair some of the most common causes of system failure. (providing parts are still available and sometimes even longer.)

Our technicians are familiar with a broad list of systems from dozens of manufacturers including but not limited to:

Tek-Tone, Lee Dan, Alpha Communications, DOORKING, Comelit, AiPhone, many more.

Some solutions require programming, some pliers, and others a soldering iron, either way we’re always prepared.

New System Installation

You could be looking at blueprints for new construction or renovating an existing structure, we can help you find the right solution for the job.

Because we are familiar with all the brands on the market, we have a solution for almost any situation.

Retrofit Systems

Is the life of your system up? Need to upgrade and not sure which system to use?

We’ll help you select the system right for you. We have numerous options available that can help minimize your costs and provide great new features.

Transform your existing doorbell or intercom system into a video intercom. Residents can answer the door whether they’re home or not with our phone app.

Internet Only Systems

Your solution to dysfunctional wiring or when wiring isn’t an option. These systems work entirely over the internet managed in the cloud with audio and video options available even in buildings where the existing wiring is no longer serviceable.

What? There’s no internet available? No Problem! We can add a cellular module to the system resolving this issue.

Please check with your local building department to determine if individual tenant stations are required by local code. That being the case, we can help using each apartment’s internet connection and install individual tenant stations.

Telephone Dialers

A tried and true approach or what may be considered as “Old Reliable” for buildings that don’t have functional wires to every apartment, or large residential developments, is a telephone dialer system.

Each tenant is assigned a code so when a visitor punches that code into the panel’s keypad, the panel dials the phone number connected to that tenant. The tenant answers, presses “9” on their phone and the door or gate opens.

With this system, there’s one pre-programmed phone number per code.

Wait! My residence is cellular only. No dedicated phone line? No problem. A cellular option is available when a dedicated phone line isn’t.

Cutting Edge Systems

Intercoms have come a long way from the days of “push-to-talk” and privacy handsets.

Today, systems integrate card readers and postal key modules, making for a cleaner appearance in the lobby.

There are also visitor management options, so that tenants and building managers can grant temporary access to visitors and guests. Once the guest’s details are entered into the system’s online “portal,” an invitation email is sent to the visitor. This email features a “QR code“, which will be scanned by the intercom’s camera for building access. The code acts like an access card for the guest and is only active during scheduled hours. Access expires based on the manager’s instructions.

Working together with the building managers, we will help you set up an access schedule that’s appropriate for which the tenants can grant guest credentials. At all other times, visitors will need to be buzzed in.

It is an intercom and access control solution in one tidy package.

Other Systems

Are you looking for a more economical option?

Our phone dialer systems are the ideal option. Visitors call your unique number, enter a code, and they generally don’t require additional wiring. (They work with any wired or cell number).

Typically this can require an additional phone line, but an optional cellular module is available.